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Wireless Routers Gurus needed


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Hey... Im impatient. I could trial and error, talk to friends and get alittle knowhow here and there, google this and that... but to hell with that. Look... I just bought a wireless adaptor for my 360. My Brotherinlaw bought a Belkin type N a bit back and he has it set up for whatever. He isnt even sure.


Anyway, I was directed to Portforward.com by Inky and I set up the ports, but the router said port 88 would have a conflict or somesuch with the ISP. Now, Im so inexperienced with this. No one has a Belkin type N so any info from others is touch and go. Their not sure whats certain. I can take my time and study, but If there is ANY information that might be beneficial, please let me know.


My brother-in-law plays on my sisters wii online and he too complains of certain things. I couldnt even connect to Inky for a game of Tekken, much less a regular match. But Battlefield 1943 was fine. I just want to make sure everything is as good on my end as possible. Im thinking I need to free some ports. Hey, I dont even know what he has this router thing doing in the first place.


So yea, any information viable to this situation, (online gaming and routers) please fill me in or set me to a site that is an authority. Googling has me spinning. Or is that the room... Im drinking. Hey I work 3rd shift, this is my evening so lay off!


Um, I don't know what information those who know might need. I have no idea what he set the router up for... as in, He wanted to have a password. He doesnt even know what else he did in tems of configuring. (he is more clueless than I in this field) So... Don't get all "I don't know what your asking" I know I talk too much, so here it is on a plate.


Belkin Type N

I needed to configure some shit, but port 88 on UDP said Id have some confliction with the ISP. Whatever that means.

Im not even sure if there are firewalls up... dude that set it up doesnt even know what he did. Do I even need to bother with this? I dont really have much problem except lagg here and there... him too. I figured Id make everything perfect on my end, so if Im laggy, its not me. Is this a good way to go? I think yes but what the fuck do I know!


Is there any other setting I should be considering for online gaming?


Are there any sites that specifically handle setting up a router for online gaming, IE Xbox 360, Wii etc. I dont know what the fuck is up, and the more I know, the less I have to ask my friends that do know a thing or two. So websites or whatever information you may be able to grant me will be quite beneficial.


And don't give me that "google works wonders" bullshit. Im sick and tired of trudging through tons of bullshit sites looking for a site that can enlighten me. If you know alittle something, please say a thing or two.



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I just thought of something. If you have access the the configurations of the router set the Xbox to 'DMZ' it's a little different for every router so you'll have to poke around. on mine it is right on a page with a list of all the IPs connected to the router.


DMZ basicly sets the selected device 'outside' of the network. so no firewall or blocked ports. It's very dangerous to set a PC in the DMZ but the xbox is not suseptible to worms and viruses so it will be fine.

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Yeah, and if that xbox is usually connected to the router then it should have a consistent LAN ip. Also, does live not have an option to choose which port to use? If so, you can try a port other than 88; with the xbox's LAN ip set to dmz, you shouldn't have to worry about forwarding.


A screenshot of the router config could help.

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