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Nature is killing your sons and daughters.


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Nature is killing your sons and daughters.

I want to talk about DNA testing and the men who have become victims of a terrible lie.


If you have ever been in the situation of having a paternity test only to find out Daniel isn’t your son then like most men I think I can relate to your situation, I too was the victim (and yes I use the word victim because that is exactly what we good men are in the case of some lying women) of a female. I will use the word female to describe her – because as far as I am concerned these types of women do not disserve a name, nor do I think they warrant to be called a woman.


After years of searching for answers I can tell you there is a conspiracy evolving in nature that has put men on the back foot of having a child of his own. Charles Darwin calls it natural selection, I call it sucker punch to the man been abused and hurt and lied to over his good nature.

In the last ten years we have seen DNA testing reveal more and more would be fathers to not actually be the daddy of the children he thought he was, this raises the question why now? Why are women suddenly sleeping with numerous partners to then look to a soft natured guy and say

"he wont see it coming."


The answer is that women have been deceiving men for thousands if not millions of years, their genetics are winning.

A mere sixty years ago women could easily “trick” a man in to believing it was his son – for one it was socially normal to believe your partner and also and I’m not been racist here most country kept their own race prioritised – there was not as much integration of races as there was back then – and now women are finding that we men are not as easily tricked as we once were. Also when I say “tricked” I actually mean women’s subconscious drives take over.


The fundamental issue: Attraction.


Scientist around the world are finally catching up with what a lot of “small minorities” have seen to be the truth for a while now – women have deep rooted desires for certain types of men and I can tell you while it is VERY complex in nature it can be FULLY understood.

To understand why men lose out on offspring been theirs (of course sometimes they are happy to lose out) we must understand what a woman finds attractive.


She can only choose what her beauty or social status can attract – highly attractive women have more access to powerful rich men, while fat ugly ones have to be less choosey.


A woman may sleep with any guy no matter if muscular, strong, or rich – but what she will choose VERY carefully is a man who will “stay around” and not play away, a man with loyalty a “Normal guy” a guy who is “predictable.” And preferably with a wage coming in.

I believe that women’s sub conscious mind controls a lot of her actions – its proven that when a woman ovulates she will seek out “the biggest” male so she can receive better sperms, let’s just say for the sake of this example she sleeps with two males , large in size, deep voice, and healthy looks. After she has slept with these men and ovulation has subsided her subconscious drive will then seek out a “long term” partner. Maybe the two guys she slept with were just one night stands? Maybe these guys had life’s else place? Maybe they were married? Maybe she IS in al long term relationship?


I believe this is human breeding at work with the social condition removed – women are like a spider web when it comes to playing the game of successfully breeding offspring. There genetics are at as much risk of yours not been passed on successfully. And nature takes NO prisoners.

And this is where it falls at the feet of “the normal guy”

If all goes well he will be none the wiser – she will even believe her own lie in some cases the ugliness of nature at work been conveniently ignored deception at its cutting edge how nature intended it from the start.


As men we see this problem becoming more and more widespread every day, nature is weeding us out of existence but like all things we evolve like the oracle and architect in the matrix the scales tip this way and that and genetics are thrown about until that baby is comes kicking and screaming in the delivery room.


They say there is nothing worse than a woman scorned – I say “There is nothing more irritated than a guy who was expecting a baby that turned out not to be his.”

Young naive men are at risk from emotional and physical abuse from the nature of human peer bonding. Women need to take responsibility for their actions if they can’t come clean then they should be banned from having children – that way the more “strong willed” women who don’t open their legs for the first guy who makes them laugh will breed a stronger minded race of human beings who strive to live in harmony and not like feral – idealistic yes – possible?

It is inevitable.

Men strive for brighter better things and currently the scales tip to the woman’s will – to not see the point of this is to be indifferent to all things that make us human.

The time of woman’s power is over – the time of man has begun.

We always win and we always will – because we can ignore emotion over logic – something women STILL struggle with in this day and age.

And as for your children – are you sure you’re the father? :)

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I have no idea where I read it, or if my mind is even playing tricks on me, but I remember seeing an article explaining your example. That the female mind actually attempts to find a male that will gaurentee "physical" survival over anything else at first but "emotionaly" seek a male who can "take care" of her in todays world. My class starts soon, otherwise I would find it, gotta go.

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I read in an article that women's tastes change during their ovulation, and that they are attracted to "manlier" looking men and when they're not in that phase, they're attracted to more feminine (prettier) men.


So, biologically they're not accountable for how their body reacts and that might have to do with why they cheat on men. Its an evolution condition, the drive to create offspring for survival. Supposedly, their skin even clears up more and their face color brightens to make them more attractive during ovulation so yeah.


Personally I think its bullshit but women who cheat are just selfish bitches. 'Nuff said.

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Women in the UK are all stupid whores. Yet to meet one that isn't.

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i dont meen to sound sexist here guys but remember this issue still has some anger inside me.


This stuff is important guys - because eventually it will be you who makes a choice.


Once we get all the science out of the way it will boil down to a few points such as:


If attraction inst a choice can women be held accountable for their actions?


If they are not responsible for their actions then maybe someone should be?


Of course a few "sticky" points rear there head such as men been assholes too we are not all good guys, so is nature allowed to beat us up as a species?


After I posted this last night I watched a film about a woman who has affairs with two men - she gets pregnant - then tells her "partner" that it’s his - he then gets a phone call telling him his sperms don’t work. lol


I haven’t been attracted to a woman in ages sure I have had sex here and there but since that happened with me I’ve only ever really liked one woman but even she started telling lies - I’m not giving up on finding a woman - just I think this stuff is important.


I think the when your partner tells you she is pregnant t should be LAW for her to see some form of official body that takes a statement and that DNA test should be CONPULSARY!!! If she has been found to lie (or played sperm roulette and got away with it) then I believe a form of punishment should be given - wherever its supervision or probation - obviously complications like prison are probably a little too harsh - but is it really? 4th degree murder ring a bell? SURELY in this day and age with women equal rights they should be held accountable for their actions - men all over the world are been "Billed" for a kid that aint theirs.


Any sane man would want to know if the child is his - and any sane man would want something to be learned for all involved.


I like to rob people and steal cars! = Consequence!


I like to sleep with lots of men then lie to a guy I think is a pudding! = Consequence!!

Talk shows all over the world make money from this kind of stuff even the judges are on record for saying "how sad that this show manipulates these people."


The judges can smell it in the air - so that means there is a basis for my idea of LAW been brought into play with this kind of stuff.

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