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CoinOPS: Game Synopsis?

Mega Man (?)

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Hi BP & Everyone, :)

In Xport Emulation: we have been developing in depth synopsis for the different systems.

I think a synopsis for CoinOPS would be great.


It could list all the games info and specs, along with history, trivia and any useful knowledge about the game.

(Being a separate page the one could access by using a button while over that game)


This could also be an opportunity to view each games marquees at the top of the screen on the synopsis page (if that's possible.)


It would be like an on base Klov.com (which is an awesome site)


What do people think...? Is this possible? I would love this. :D


Here is the NES synopsis that we have done for mednafenx-nes: NES [mednafenx_nes] (10-01-09)





Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Manufacturer: Konami

Year: 1989

Class: Wide Release

Genre: Scrolling Fighter

Type: Videogame




* Orientation: Horizontal

* Type: Raster: Standard Resolution

* CRT: Color

* 25-inch


Conversion Class: JAMMA+

Number of Simultaneous Players: 4

Maximum number of Players: 4

Gameplay: Joint

Control Panel Layout: Multiple Player



* Joystick: 8-way

* Buttons: 2 [Attack|Jump]


Sound: Amplified Mono (one channel)



The famous four turtles fight incredible numbers of bad guys to save April O'Neil and Splinter and to defeat their arch-enemies Krang and The Shredder. Uses the Konami two-and-a-half dimension approach to horizontal scrolling games. All players can join in on the game at any time.


Game Introduction

Players can choose to play either Leonardo (blue, katana blades); Raphael (red, sais); Michaelangelo (orange, nunchakas); or Donatello (purple, bo staff). The game uses Konami's 2.5 dimension perspective. Any number of players can join the game at any time.



There is also a two-player version of this game.


Of course we would get the best quality marqees out there. There is a lot of great info for all the games that I think could totally enhance the experience.


Thanks :)

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For my part, it is a good idea, to have all information of the games ...

A full information with playes, sound mono or stereo, synopsis, and if possible cheats codes.


For my part, if it is possible to have it with some graphic logos, i think it will be better :)

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