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1Emulation just aint what it used to be

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Please don't copy Hera. Still, I'd wish that you'd think this one over.


MMM... See, she has her problems with girls, and I think she wants to be the only one here. I think it's silly to be an attention whore, so before anything gets taken out of proportion again, I'm going to dip. If I can avoid the stress from something this irrelevant, I will. It's really silly, and I'm not angry at anyone, I just think this whole thing is silly. I like everyone. And it wasn't just this one instance. There are other things in which I felt like my presence here was not necessarily wanted. So instead of asking you guys for help with my problems, only to have them returned with criticism, I'm going to go somewhere else, because after all, this is the internet. There's always something else. But I just want to clarify, so no one takes this the wrong way. I'm not angry with anyone. I'm typing this and I'm as calm as a Hindu cow.


I might poke my head around, see what's up from time to time when I'm bored, but as of right now, me posting on a regular bases is just not going to happen.


Are you kidding me? You're leaving because somebody told you want you didn't want to hear? GTFO, sorry, but if you're gonna wear your heart on your sleve then maybe it's for the best!



And here I was thinking I was gonna make a comeback, to what, a sausage fest, FTL....


Reading what I say first usually generalizes things.

It's not her. That situation was the icing. Ask Fatal Rose, I've been talking about leaving for a while. I just wish he'd mention that, instead of just sitting back and blaming it on something else. Nice to know you're trying to keep the peace man, but really?


And despite what ever she says, I know she doesn't like me, because of a situation that never involved her, ever. I was told by an outside source of the way she felt about me. Blah blah blah call me immature, Ashley, what you say really doesn't matter. Never did. being a bitch towards someone unintentionally because they're a girl is immature. Not admitting when you're wrong then backtracking when someone calls you out on it is immature. Asking to have a thread deleted that shows it, is immature. I'm not saying that I'm not guilty of it, it just scratched me the wrong way that you couldn't even admit you were wrong. Even when it was between you and me. You're not the only reason I'm leaving, so don't get all giddy and happy.

You don't need to be a bitch cause you don't think before you post to a girls response. That's all it takes, sweetheart, thinking.



Fucking bag of retards we got here.

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That's it, go out with a bang. Have the last word and feel good about it. It really doesn't matter. :P


And it's amazing how you can be totally convinced that you're right about everything. Wonder how hard it is for you to admit your wrongdoings.



Get over yourself.


Bye and good riddance.

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