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So, I'm having a problem with a friend

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EM and I have talked things over. So there's no flame throwing or hissy fits going on here :angry:


Ahh...a new beginning ;)

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Well, I have talked to Erica, and the guy she's seeing. The guy says that he doesn't think that he's good enough for her, which makes me angry, cause he could have said no to dating her if that's the way he feels. I just hope that the reason he's with her is so he can get his dick wet. He also says that he doesn't want to be with a chick with a baby, and so I think that he's going to be with until the paternity test comes back as negative. That is if. I hope that if Sebastien is his he realizes it's time to grow up. The guy is 24. Erica doesn't want child support, she just wants her son to know his dad. Which I think is silly. Not him knowing his dad part, the no child support part. When I talked to Ryan he said that he knew his own dad and he hated him, I just think he's worried that he'll be a bad father, but I would think that knowing what a bad father is, we would make the effort not to be one himself.

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Also, running away from problems isn't going to solve them. That's not a good example to set for her child. Grow up, face your issues and stop blaming the world and other people for your problems


Are you referring to me, or to Erica?



"you" meant as a general audience.


But if you feel like it applies to you, perhaps there is something you should do about it.

Well, I only asked because I wasn't sure if you were being a cunt or not.


I talked to Erica today, and everything is fine. She has everything under control, and I'm not too sure where you got this whole last bit of your statement from. No one is running from their problems. No one hasn't grown up, nor is anyone blaming the world for their problems. I'm not even sure if you read the right thread before replying.

Moving to Alabama isn't me running from my problems. What Erica does isn't necessarily a problem, it's a concern. Moving to Alabama IS me growing up. And last time I checked I AM facing my problems. You should inquire further before making irrelevant statements.


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I'm glad i passed off on this opportunity last year. Didn't even have to deal with any abortion either. :P


You had an encounter with explosive's friend?

Nope, totally different person.


Then how did you pass up on "this" opportunity last year? Can you be a little more clear?

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