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Need help burning PC-Engine games to a cd

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this was a problem for me for a while too, So I decided to ignore the instructions. Heres what I done to get a perfect copy of the game, Simply download nero go into file/open and select the file type to open as cue sheet, then simply click on the cue sheet in whatever folder you have all the files in and burn.


Also alot of people find that once they burn the game they cant hear the music only the sound effects. This is not a problem with how you burned it, the problem is that the digital line that goes from your cd rom drive to your motherboard is not conected. The digital line is usually a small black connection that fits onto a 4 pin conection on the motherboard.


Hope this helps anyone having any problems.

Since I am new to nero. How can open the Dracula X cue file as a cue sheet? also did you convert you the files there to Wavs?

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Yes convert the files to wav. If you download Nero express (this contains nero 6) you can use a program in it called NERO WAVE EDITOR to convert each file.

Open nero, go to FILE,then OPEN and when the window to select where the file is on your computer comes up look at the bottom of it, you will see a box with a little arrow beside it, click the arrow and move down the list of options until you come accross Cue sheet or an option that has cue in it, now find the folder where you have all your Dracula files unzipped and converted to wav and click the cue sheet, now click Burn.

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