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lol @ Inky.




Here is the kid playing Prince Zuko



Her is the Voince actor for Prince Zuko in the animation

http://www.graffitiverite.com/dante.JPG Ruf i oooo


Um... WHAY THE FUCK... Didn't they use Dante Basco!!!! Dev Patel is a goofy looking kid! Sure Zuko is 16... but Dante has a young look... Fuck. The cast is so WRONG! Aang, that lil kid looks disturbed. I don't see him acting like Aang at all, much less any cast member in the movie.


Heres "Sokka"

http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/55...161-500-349.jpg Boooooo!

But wait... 11 wonders if he can do it... so I looked him up on youtube... lookie here 11, think he might be able to pull of Sokka?

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Dude, that movie looks hilarious!


Just saw the first season, it's cool.


It has a bunch of "Filler" episodes though... Main reason I dislike western cartoons is because episodes don't always follow "a" plot or advance "the" plot to begin with.


O well, wonder how the movie adaptation will turn out. Gotta say though, Aang pulls of a Naruto more then Naruto does lol.

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Just saw the entire show.


Gotta say, for a Western cartoon, I'm kinda impressed. Although at the end I got kind of scared they would throw mixed messages all around the board, it turned out alright.


Plus all the subtleties are amazing, seriously the entire basis of the show is something extremely hard to pull off. But because of this I feel now that the movies will fail, seriously casting a generic cast will just make it stomp, although the argument can be thrown both ways, I still say it's just lame how everyone in the movie will just be thinking about the outer layer of the story.

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Well I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yea it makes me hopeful for Western animation. This is what we need, folks that study awesomeness and go from there. The show had so many influences. Japanese culture, hinduism, taoism... etc. Done quite well and balanced too.

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