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Having a problem with the optional media update.


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A friend of mine is having trouble with the optional media update that you download from xbox lives marketplace.


He has his 360 connected to his pc and plays avi files from his pc through his 360 and on to the t.v.


The problem he is having is that every time he wants to stream an avi film from his pc he has to re-install the optional media update on his 360.He shouldn't have to do that every time he wants to watch an avi file.Since he already has it installed on his 360.


It's like he has to be online on xbox live to watch a streamed movie from his pc.


Anybody else have that problem?


I for one have never had that problem.I don't have to be online to stream movies from my pc.


We just can't figure out why he is having that problem.

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Did he download the optional media update on a previous Xbox? I had that problem when I sold my old one and bought a new one. Because I originally downloaded the update on a different console I had to be online in order to make use of it on my new 360. I didn't have to repeatedly download the update though.


One solution which has worked for many people, including myself, is to create a silver account on the 360 and download the update when signed into that profile. Thereafter you should not have any need to be online, or even signed into a specific account, in order to play divx/xvid avi files.

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He has got a gold account.And he still needs to be online and updating his optional media update everytime he wants to stream movies from his pc.



I don't know what else to do.

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do what gavin said.


make a NEW silver account and download the update while signed in to the silver account.


after that all should be fine.

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