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guess what it's tru and working test it for myself

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well guys i must say what we thought was going to be a year or 2 happen real fast gamecube emulator is out ad working now please keep this crap on this board only am still waiting on ym freind to release a few games to me so i can run it but he did send me some webcam shot and it is real don't go and bu game and try to burn them it won't work only few games thats on the internet is working so get a big hardrive because thats what u going to need and lets please well cause am a senior co founder of nova am pround and my staff to release the first ever working gamecube emulator injoy folks and nova ill never die


Gamecube emulator!


if you want games for it pm me and not going to give any site out or ftp nor torrent i don't want nintendo on my ass keep your mouth shut.


gamecop please have your members respect that they don't run there mouth off last thing we need is nintendo on our ass

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