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Screen Enlargement


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Am currently playing pokemon diamond on the No$gba version 2.6.

My question is very simple, Is there a way to sctrech out the screen to enlarge it?

This tiny screen is unbearable, Or give me another ds emulator that can strech its screen out

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Theres no way to do it, and no other emulator will run as well.


The best thing you can do, is lower your desktop resolution while playing.

And there are tools you can use that will do this for you every time you load no$gba so you don't have to manually change it every time.

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Right click on no$gba.exe, properties, compatibility tab, check run in 640x480 screen resolution.


For a larger window size, download NDS2xGL, it doubles the original window size.

How do I run it? I googled it, downloaded it, and opened No$gba but once I open up the NDS2xGL2.exe it just closes down the No$gba

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I should work with all versions, IIRC. It just so happens that either it hates your computer or you are missing some important file. I bothers me greatly that Martin hasn't implemented any kind of screen zooming despite numerous releases.

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