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  1. Well nocash render is way faster, but graphics are pretty messed up :S
  2. I have it set to opengl Note: Im also using NDS2xGL But even before using NDS2xGL it still lagged like hell Only when in free roam when you enter a building its fast again Also if I take ss you think you can tell me which settings to use?
  3. 2.6 And what do you mean by renders? think a screenshot of my settings will answer it all?
  4. Is theres a way to make it not lag as bad? is it the graphics that make it slow and lagging? or the emulator?
  5. How do I run it? I googled it, downloaded it, and opened No$gba but once I open up the NDS2xGL2.exe it just closes down the No$gba
  6. Hello, Am currently playing pokemon diamond on the No$gba version 2.6. My question is very simple, Is there a way to sctrech out the screen to enlarge it? This tiny screen is unbearable, Or give me another ds emulator that can strech its screen out
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