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Ms want radiant silvergun for xbla!


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This has been speculated for a long time,but in an article in kotaku the treasure ceo has said that ms has asked them to do it.


I just hope treasure actually finish working on the 360 shooter that was started before they made ikaruga for xbla.


for anyone who hasnt seen radiant silvergun heres the saturn game in all its glory.


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Wiiware please? It would be nice to see it there too. I wonder what happened to that Wii game with a bunch of shooters?

it will never happen,to be honest i would really surprised if this game showed up on xbox live.

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Why would it never happen? Ikaruga is on Gamecube and XBLA. Was originally ported to Dreamcast from arcade.


Radiant Silvergun also, was ported from Arcade to Saturn, and why would the CEO speak so outwardly of a proposition from Microsoft if they weren't considering it?

Just because it goes to XBLA doesn't mean it can't go to the Wii as well, and they'd be stupid not to if you think about it from a $ standpoint.


What I get from his comments, provided they weren't mis-interpreted or taken out of context (And that is on Kotaku, where they often get things dead f**king WRONG), is they're probably considering a remake on physical media.

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