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Lindsay Lohan is a LESBIAN!?


Are you happy about this news?  

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I don't really care anyways, Lindsey isn't as good looking as she was a while ago, of course she was never really good looking to begin with anyway.


I just ignore anything related to celebrities now, I like their movies and shows they star in, what I don't like is the constant publicity and god like status everyone, including the media attributes to them.


I just absolutely hate trying to watch the news for important events or articles/pieces and there is always something lame about a celebrity that is always said as one of the pieces.

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Lindsay Lohan says she’s no ‘lesbian’




She's a lesbian spy! PUNCH HER CROTCH!!!


Oh crap it didn't phase her, she has no balls! Ruuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!




Anyways I don't care as mentioned, I don't give two craps about celebrities and their ritzy lifestyle of fame and godlike status. Wake me up when I suddenly hit it big and I may care....

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You've never punched/kicked a woman in the taco have you?


Nope never have and never will, so I don't know if it will actually hurt them. All I know is a mans balls are highly sensitive and it hurts like hell getting kicked there, never heard of it hurting woman who get kicked in the crotch. :lol:

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