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Fallout 3 anyone?


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I'm currently trying to figure out how to get to Rivet City.


Easiest and safest way is to head directly east from Megaton until you reach the river. Cross it and then head due south, hugging the banks as close as you can until you see a big ship ahead of you. That's Rivet City.

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Ah, I was going in and out of buildings thinking it'll give me a backdoor another area that'll get me to Rivet City. I'm trying to complete the quest "Those!". I know I was near some dude's house who was a pimp and had two whores with him. Empty b33r bottles everywhere.

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as soon as i can find the timr i will def check this out, does it have the same kind of level up terms as in oblivion?




You still have the main attributes like Luck, Strength etc which affect everything, then a load of skills like Barter, Small Guns, Repair. Levelling these skills involves gathering XP from completing main quests or side quests. Once a new level is achieved then skill points may be added to whatever you like with an additional 'Perk' which you can choose from a master list. Which perks you can choose is determined by certain criteria like how high your Intelligence is, or which level you are currently at.

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