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vbsms+ v3.0 released!


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After nearly two years of complete inactivity, I'm releasing a new version of my open source Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator to the public today. This version is a vast improvement over its predecessor and I hope everyone enjoys it. If anyone would like to help out on future versions, feel free to contact me. I'm also looking for people to send in their Pro Action Replay files! Anyway, below is from the changelog.txt file...


version 3.0 (10/9/08)


- added frame-by-frame advancing [olaf]

- added preliminary sound and related options [vbt, olaf]

- added the game gear's palette [parasyte]

- added region detection/switching [parasyte]

- added rapid fire unit emulation [olaf]

- added avi movie recording (no sound) [olaf]

- added pro action replay emulation [olaf]

- added showing of the loaded rom's filename in the main window [olaf]

- added fast forwarding [olaf]

- changed palette to precalculated [vbt]

- changed around some menus, text, and shortcut keys [olaf]

- changed folders to be created in "folders" folder [olaf]


the new official homepage of vbsms+ is http://olaf.arc-nova.org.

I want to thank vbt and Parasyte A LOT for their help, thank you guys! You can visit the official homepage by clicking here, or simply download the new version by clicking here. Enjoy! :D

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