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[11/15/03] Blood Omen 2

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Game: Blood Omen 2
System: PC, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox
Emulators: None

Ever have the taste for that red stuff, thicker than water? Not wine, but blood. Well thats what this game is all about. In this game you take the role of Kain, a great vampire leader. Or at least he WAS a great vampire leader. A time before this game begins, Kain fought against a vampire hunting legion called the Sarafan. Kain, armed with his great weapon, the Soul Reaver, was expected to win completely. He would have, but the Sarafan Lord had a weapon that would negate the powers of the reaver. Now Kain awakens, and seeks revenge and meets new allies along the way.


This game is an actionous RPG. The game has a 3rd person view to it. As you progress in this game you recieve various power ups and new abilities. These abilities are recieved from bosses, and in parts, are necessary to finish the game. Your health is of course, a vial of blood. The annoying thing about this is since you are a vampire, you NEED blood to survive. If you go too long without it, your vial gradually drips, draining your health. You usually will find some innocent to suck dry on the way though, so its not too bad. One element I found great about this game is the fighting. You can pick up weapons enemies drop and use them yourself. It is fun to see the different ways Kain can kill with different weapons in my opinion. You may also increase the total of your blood vial by finding these boxes that contain magical properties. You suck these boxes dry, and when the other vial you have fills, the blood vial increases. This game goes by in chapters. Usually, every other chapter there is a boss fight. The bosses require some thinking, as does the rest of the game. So in a way, you could say its partly a puzzle game.


The fun thing about this game is you basically take control of the bad guy, instead of the good. Although you could argue what Kain is, he is bad and good. He is a badass though, I will say that. If you ever felt the need to be "bad", and have some sort of blood lust (hopefully you don't, but thats not my business) I recommend playing Blood Omen 2. Also, if you like this game's story, there are 4 other games from this series. The series name is Legacy of Kain. There is Blood Omen 1, Soul Reaver 1, Soul Reaver 2, and the newest one Legacy of Kain: Defiance. So if you play this game, happy sucking! (blood that is)

Speed - 8
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 9
Sound - 10

Overall score - 9.0
Grade - A

Overall, I give this game a :rolleyes:

[img]http://www.playerschoicegames.com/bloodomen2ps2box.jpg[/img] Edited by Rag

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I don't have any ways of getting a pic on a site by itself, is there any other way to put pics in the review?

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you can get a free host such as


and upload your images

and hotlink them to here :rolleyes:

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I have the game, one complaint is the one on one fighting, it would be better if it was a bit faster, great story though. I don't like how easy it is though, changing powers drags the game down. I would give it a 7 out of 10. I recomend a rental one could beat it in two days or so.

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