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I am having a major problem accessing items on my


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I was just using my desktop pc when all of a sudden the webpage i was on disappeared and i was sent back to my desktop.

I started firefox again and it asked me if i wanted to resume the last session which i did.

From then onwards....i can access my hard drive etc.And even go into my program folders.

But for some reason i can't start any programs at all....windows media player for example i click on and the little hour glass icon comes up like the program is about to start then nothing happens.

It's the same with all the other programs.

I can't even open word documents or start surfing the net.

I click on the firefox icon or the IE6 icon and nothing happens.

What could the problem be?

Please i need help.And i don't want to have to format my hard drive and re-install windows and everything else.

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I just tried to re-install one of the programs that wasn't working...and i got a message saying "desktop is not accessible".Access denied.

What the hell is going on?Could it be some knd of virus?Then i tried to install the the program in c drive and i got a message saying "can't install all files!"

"Please check your destination directory for free space!"

I have over 9 gig free ....something is definately wrong here.

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run hijack this to see if your pc got jacked. it could be a drive failing or a virus

make sure you have administrative rights otherwise u might not be allowed to modify or use programs.



Thank you so much for that advice....i downloaded hijackthis and installed it onto my desktop.The ran the scan and fix feature...and everything is working fine again.

Does that mean i might have had a virus?

Thanks again.

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Depending on whether you have Vista or XP, navigate to the control panel, then User Accounts. All the accounts on your computer should be listed, along with what type of account they are (limited user, administrator, etc).

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