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Is RAINE a worthy MAME alternative? The MAME I am current using is an older build the Cindy hooked me up with. Runs games great, the few games the it allows you to play after audit that is. I have used the current MAME build but it skips and runs SLOW on my crappy PC. So is Raine as up to date as MAME is? Can I play SVC Chaos etc..?


Please help me out, for I am in desperate need of playing more arcade ROM's.

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For the older MAME builds, you need dats and backtrace sets. I have 0.88 and ALL backtrace dats on my cabinet downstairs.

Any MAME newer than that, runs like ass. Even certain games run disgusting on my new computer, that run great on the old one in my cab. Since they made some serious changes to the core, MAME has sucked donkey nuts.

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