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Nintendo no friend of homebrew market, sues DS cart makers


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Eh, the R4 was dying anyway. There are plenty of better options out there now from many different companies, and even Nintendo doesn't have the money or resources to bring every single one of them down.


I guess they're just hoping to scare people away from piracy/flashcards by going after the most well known manufacturer.

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I guess the people who made the article GC posted forgot to include how Jackie also admitted that if it wasn't for CFWs, PSP sales would have long reached rock bottom. But hey, pirates are evil and fund terrorism, amirite? :P

Unlike the DS, the PSP relies on software sales for profit. So now matter how many people bought PSPs for CFW the fact that they aren't buying games hurts Sony.


So yes, pirates are still evil.

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but most of them will still buy the software, because the more people that have the device the more that are likely to buy the games. the other thing is that those that bought the psp for piracy wouldn't have bought one if it wasn't hackable.

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Playing classic games via emulator is a blast, although the legality of ROMs, even if you own the original carts, is questionable.


American law:

Any software product which has not been actively marketed (in a given format) for four years is considered abandonware (in that format), and, under various preservation of art arguments, is free to be acquired for the sake of archival and appreciation by whatever means are at your disposal (save for actual theft of someone else's copy).


Canadian law:

If a software product is no longer being marketed, it is considered abandonware. Same terms as American law apply.

I've heard that a similar law reform was passed in America, but it was downplayed so much that few others have heard of it.


Translation: NES through DC roms be legal, yo. And no, the wii VC doesn't negate the legality of the roms of any games released for it since the original roms were initially distributed in a different format (cartridge).

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