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Nintendo @ E3


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I personally thought that Nintendo's E3 presentation was the most successful failure of all time.


They manage to waste about an hour discussing sales, and 20 minutes showing less then good quality games. I ALSO found it intriguing that the numbers for the most ridiculous games are higher then that of GOOD quality games, But those people clapped away as Nintendo basically said "Thanks for buying our Bullshit =]" Wii Music? GTA on DS??? Not ONE game they mentioned is even remotely attractive. Call of Duty 5 on Wii made me want to barf at the PS2 + Wand version of the game that i was looking at.


I expected more out of this, and if i ever DID buy a Wii, it would really be to play maybe 3 games and have BC for all my gamecube Classics



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Well Nintendo has been failing for a long time and they really don't have anything else to draw on now. As I keep saying the Wii is a gimmick and they've got no more shocks in their magic hat left to marvel people with, much less any half-decent games for the machine.

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Im a pretty big Nintendo fan, and a fan of the Wii in general, but Nintendo at this years E3 was nothing short of embarrassing. I get more excited reading news on IGN. Microsoft defo won the show. (And I dislike the xbox generally).

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