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Call of duty5 to have multiplayer!

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Honestly, I don't know where they would take COD5. Since COD4 is a game "ripped from the headlines" and all. They could of either went WW2 or Future Battlefield.


One things for sure, they can tell a story with their games. COD3 still sucked though.

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Thats what i was thinking bk.

i wished they would stick to the modern combat scenario,it made for a great game.oh well at least this time there wont be any nazis in sight.

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CoD can go more towards the Pacific Theater though. They haven't done that yet. They've pretty much covered Europe, Russia and parts of Africa already.

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CoD1 was one of the first WW2 shooters. Was good. CoD2 was more of the same but still good.


CoD3 was made by different devs, was console only, and was trash.


CoD4 saved the series and was made by Infinity Ward once again. CoD5 won't be.


Oh, thanks! I had trouble seeing the differences between the first three games because they all had WW2 Europe in them. :rolleyes:

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Hush up rookies....

It'll own!

THey're even more realistic properties into the game in my own opinion(back to the plot topic).

I've seen WW2 told in at least 34 different ways so the minute i get the game, im going straight on XBL(Live will rule becuz they know how much pple play it online) and i wont eve n bother the single unless im bored.

THe only way this will suck (to me) is if they screw up their multi player in the very least...

If dats the case, i'll sell it Gamestop and go back cod4.

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