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Melty Blood assistance plz

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First off I give a treat for anybody that has Melty Blood. Sane you should like this if you don't already have it.

Nero Patch

This Nero.exe will unlock all 14 characters for Melty Blood.


Anyway now onto my problem, does anybody know of a way, or know of a site that explains how to rip from Melty Blood?


I have heard there is a program that can unpack the data files.

I can get the main sprites with a Screen Recording program but I can't rip the effects and sparks with this method due to it's transparency. Thanks for any advice.

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Yeah me and two other ppl have spent several hours looking for information. I've also emailed some mugen creators that have successfully done this, but they are all japanese creators and I don't even know if my translator is working well enough to ask the question.


I have posted this question in almost every forum I go to and still no answer. :D

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Yes I can use that to get all the character sprites. But that won't help me get effects such as fireballs and sparks. :(


All of the effects have transparencies that make the attack blend in with the background.


It looks as though my only solution is to rip them with the transparency and edit them into an effect I desire.


This irritates me however because there are many mugen creators that have made them and have perfect effect rips. Problem is they are all japanese creators.


I have emailed 4 different creators about this question but still no answer.


I do however appreciate your help. :D This is the only forum this question has even gotten a response in :D:D

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I asked around some more but all I got was a recommendation for another capture program, which does seem to be very good but it won't allow to do what you want, which seems in fact to be impossible. This is what someone told me who knows a lot about sprite ripping and graphic design:


the only way he's going to work arround the transparencies is if he can split the layers apart.. and he can't do that on a pc game (unlike let's say neorageX where you can turn off layers and some sprites)


sooo.. his best shot is to grab it as it's on screen and then edit it.


The capture program is Fraps btw, maybe you have it already but if not maybe you should try it, it seems very good.

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The only reason I know it is possible is because many mugen characters have done it. There seems to be a program that can unpack the data files of Melty Blood. I don't know where but it has been talked about on some japanese sites I went through.


I'll try this program out too. Thanks for all your help man. ;)

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