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The OFFICIAL PS3 Vs X360 Vs Wii


Which system is the best in your opinion?  

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While playing backups is fine and dandy, not being able to use LIVE sucks ass.

keep believing that. meanwhile I'll play some more UT3 (still unreleased in the states) on live.


Ehhh UT3 is def not a game meant to be played on consoles. But, il play as Cloud right now on UT3 just for fun. The PC version of this game is a bit more comfortable.


I think that Gears of War and Ninja Gaiden 2 are the only games really making me prefer the 360 over the PS3. If the PS3 had some more games, I would buy it. I'm getting tired of having to deal with the RRoD.


How many times has it happened to you??

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not using UT3 as a point of console superiority. just as an example of a leaked backup being played on live with no repercussions.

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nothing... people don't get banned from live near as much as the internet believes.

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It's for MMO's and RPG's and for msging on friends list.


Dude the Naruto game for Ps3 looks tempting ;), field-fighting game! Wonder if it's any good competitively.

You can play MMOs on the xbox with the K+M?? That actually sounds frickin sweet.


That's how I was playing FFXI when I got it for the X360, which I want to get again >.<!

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Just on the topic of UT3, it is one of those games that probably should be better on the PC, but isn't.


The PC version gets mods, but 3 patches later it is still buggy and crashy as hell, and it is about 10 times easier to find a stable multiplayer game on Live than on the PC.

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I'm still aiming towards UT3 PC version to be the best choice, but with the fact it's still buggy has justified of me buying it yet.

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Here are the latest console software sales in Japan for the week of June 30 - July 7:


1. Daigasso! Band Brothers DX (NDS, Nintendo) - 46,654 [167,000]

2. Initial D Extreme Stage (PS3, Sega) - 43,491

3. Derby Stallion DS (NDS, Enterbrain) - 37,759 [186,000]

4. Wii Fit (Wii, Nintendo) - 31,051 [2,323,000]

5. Nanashi no Game (NDS, Square Enix) - 30,377

6. Mario Kart Wii (Wii, Nintendo) - 27,782 [1,535,000]

7. Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi (Wii, Bandai Namco) - 26,961 [164,000]

8. Super Mario Stadium: Family Baseball (Wii, Nintendo) - 19,757 [108,000]

9. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3, Konami) - 18,486 [585,000]

10. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP, Capcom) - 18,153 [2,261,000]

Is it me or MGS4 sales is slow?

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