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Nero problems


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Burning with Anime Episodes


It claims that theres an error and wont allow me to burn these SF episodes.


It says that the FPS is unacceptable for regular video cd and size is too smasl (320x260)


What should i do :D


Ignore it?

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I'd #1 Find out what the proper resolution is for VCD

#2 I know VCD has to match proper FPS for either PAL or NTSC (I forget what the exact framerates are, but I think NTSC is 27fps and PAL is 23 or 25)


Personally, I'd re-encode them after finding out the correct resolution/framerate.

Running em through virtualdub. I just hate burning something after being warned, and it doesn't work.......wasting CD-R's sucks.


If you're on Direct Connect, visit Classic Sega - classicsega.homeunix.com and talk to Saubha or M.I.L.F (Both are OPs), they know their VCD/SVCD and they can help you out.

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