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Sonic adventure 2 problem

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When loading sonic adventure 2 on nulldc everything shows ok when it asks for me to press start I press start and than it asks me to pick a memory card. I choose a mem card and the message comes up so far off to the left that I can't see it and then it freezes. If I use dreamemu I get all the way to the menu where you can choose 1player and etc before it freezes. Can anyone help me?

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Yeah I tried nulldc.


It works fine for me. Granted it runs at only 35 fps because I have a slower computer than what is probably recommended for it. My guess is your image file for Sonic 2 is corrupted and because it's glitching and freezing in different parts depending on the emulator, it has one or more bad sectors it's trying to read, causing odd problems. I'd suggest creating a new image.

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