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Gamecube emulation video's

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It's not a fake, and I've got the whole screenshot-collection (from the beginning of the emulator to now). The emulator isn't released yet, but it's called "Dolphin".


*Thinks about the Icarus Emulator Again..* :lol:

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They've got a supposed developers disk that they've started emulation of Zelda from.........

Retail Gamecube games, a PC CANNOT read the filesystem AT ALL.


Screenshots and video's don't mean nuffin, have you ever heard of video overlay? Photoshop? Video editing?


However I'm still not gonna scream fake yet. But there is 0 evidence this is real. (Screenshots and video.........especially fullscreen video not showing the emulator too, don't count for anything)

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When i put a GC disc in my drive i can see the files on them...i know this sounds weird because i cant get this to work on any other computer ive tried it on and i dont know how i got it to work but i did (without doing anything i was just curious to see what would happen and i tried it :()


i cant open the files but they sure as hell show up...ill make screenshots later...hell when i buy my Digital camera ill make a video of me puttng the disc in the drive and then looking at the screen...


Im using one of those drives that can burn every type of DVD (except RAM) and Burn CDs and read them and etc. (im not typing all that +-R +-RW crap hehe)


As for those videos...


fake...you would need like a 16GHz computer to run that hehe...it could be real but i dought it unless their running it on a Sun_15K or something....


also forum posts dont usually convince me of anything :(

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