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Using Swap Magic

Devia Eleven

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In order to use Swap Magic with a PS2 Slimline, you need to block all three sensors that detect if the lid is open or not. Blocking all 3 sensors on a PS2 Slimline will allow you to swap discs without the PS2 being aware that the lid is open. This method can be done with any Slimline model. To learn how to block sensors without money, please watch this video.



In this video the person explains how to block PS2 sensors using everyday household materials. This is a relatively safe method to use and it requires no money, of course unless you don't have the simple materials at hand. Once this is accomplished, your PS2 has been officially sensor modded. This will allow you to swap out discs on your PS2. One official way to block sensors professionally is to use Magic Keys, Magic Keys are professionally made pieces that will fit perfectly into the holes and sensors that your PS2 Slimline uses to detect the lid. This only costs about $7-8.






Magic Swap does not support PS1 games, in order to play PS1 backups on a Sensor modded Slimline, you need the following items:


1. A PS1 game

2. A PS1 backup


When you insert the retail PS1 game (does not matter what game), the PS1 logo will appear, make sure you keep the lid open throughout this entire procedure, right after the logo appears, the disc will slow down for a split second, when this happens. you need to quickly swap the PS1 backup with the PS1 retail and close the lid. The PS1 Slimline will think that the lid is still closed, therefore it thinks that it is still booting a retail PS1 game. This allows you to play any PS1 backup, even imported backups.


A Swap Magic comes with a CDROM and A DVDROM. Why?


A CDROM version of Swap Magic will allow you to play CDROM PS2 backups. When the PS2 first came out, some games were still using CDROMs because of the file sizes. Any game over 800 MB will not be able to be used on a CDROM, which means that you will have to use DVD-Rs.


When it comes to using DVD-Rs, the full capacity is 4.7 GB, which in most cases is the capacity for 80% of all PS2 games. Some games that are over 4.7GB will require Dual Layer DVDs. Dual Layer DVDs hold about 9GB if I am not mistaken. Some PS2 ISOs that are larger than 4.7GB will require Dual Layer media for it work on a Sensor Modded PS2.

What programs should I use to burn PS2 ISOs?


ISOs - DVD Decrypter/Imgburn

NRG - Nero

MDS - DVD Decrypter


There might be some other software to use that I am not aware of.


It is important that you burn all PS2 ISOs at half the speed of the media. If you buy media and it says it is 16x certified, burn all your games at 8x. This may also not always apply, if it does not, then I prefer you burn at the speeds that your DVD-RW supports. DVD Decrypter supports speeds 2x, and 4x. Preferably I would use 4x, but that's only for my PS2. I've used my burned games on other PS2s and sometimes do not work, so always burn according to your PS2.


Which media is the best?


I have read around some forums, and I found out that the best media to use to backup PS2 ISOs would be Verbatim or Taito Yuden. Maxell would also be a good alternative, but depending on what your PS2 laser prefers these may not apply.



Burning to scratched media will corrupt the burned data on a DVD-R. When you burn to scraped media, the burner will automatically skip over scratches and will leave empty holes in your DVD-R. attempting to run these will make your game skip, and most of the time not work. Make sure that you always burn to a blank DVD-R that has no scratches.


Can I use other types of media like DVD+R?


Please read this.


What is so bad about low quality media?


Low quality media will often times put a wear and tear on your PS2's laser. Using good media will make your PS2 laser last longer, and will give your PS2's laser a more comfortable position for it to run the games you burn smoothly. I have also heard that the darker the dye on the media, the better the quality. I do not know if this is true or not, but if it was true I could understand why.


How do I use Swap Magic with an original PS2?


This is a tutorial for the Slimline only.


When I play PAL games, the screen is black and white, how do I fix this?


A PAL Televsion has different settings than that of a NTSC TV. Some games will allow you to choose between 50 and 60hz, most NTSC Televisions use 60hz. When you run PAL games, make sure you set the video setting to NTSC so you can run the game with a suitable screen.

Can I play online with backups?


No, but I think that there is a patch that will allow you to.

How can I use Gameshark/Action Replay?


Swap Magic 3.6 with Action Replay Max for PS2


How much does Magic Swap cost? Where can I get it?

$30 - $40, comes with CDROM & DVDROM


Anywhere, http://www.swapmagic3.com/



Obviously, I am not savvy or familiar enough to provide anymore descriptive answers, so if anyone wants to add anything please do.

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