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Alright, so I've got "Dynamite Cop" (KALISTO) with me, and instead of being packaged as a RAR. file, ZIP. file and whatnot, the files are just numbered as 001, 002, 003, 004 etc. What the heck is up with that, and how can I open such a file?

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its not really a weak laser, just one that optimized for discs other than CD-Rs (I've seen scratched GD-ROMs that weren't even shiny on the bottom anymore, it was like a brushed steel look, and they still read perfectly, it was at a dentists office being rough handled by kids haha)


Instead of burning your discs at a ridiculous speed like 1X or 2X, burn it at HALF the rated speed on the disc (or one notch below half if exactly half isn't available), this actually produces better results.


There is a way to force more power to the laser, but I'd be careful with this one. I can't remember how to do it off the top of my head but I know theres a guide online. Is that what your referring to as the Pot Tweak? or do you mean the whole Re-Alignment thing?

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1) What's up with those ISO's that contain multiple DC games in one file, i.e playable all from one disc? Just how well do those play........or are they too good to be true?


never heard of them.. by the way i've tried with 2 more cd, a TDK and a SONY: the SONY makes a strange noise and after a minute of DC spiral screen goes to the bios menu, the TDK takes just ten seconds to the main menu.. i'm starting to get nervous :-)

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it's basically adjusting the power of the laser. google for instructions


Will this reduce the life of the dc?

no the change is very small. the motor that spins the disc gave up on my dc before the laser did. it was a heavily used launch unit. I cried a little when it died. :-)

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I really killed a lot of cds with burnin for my dreamcast and this really sucks.


Most of the games...or let me say "many" are workin but not all.


What I want to know is:


I downloaded a CDI for the game Rival School 2 by Echelon group.I burned it on a verbatim cd and with alcohol 100% version 1.9.7 and my dvd burnder is a plextor PX-716A.


I burned the game with dao/sao,8x but when I tried to play it nothing happend.


To see if the file is workin I mounted it on daemon tool and played it on chankast and it worked (little to fast but thats a chankast problem but it worked).


So why in hells name is the game not workin on my DC?


I really want that game so much and that's the only version I found on the internet and it was a selfboot i forgot to say.


I really need help.


Should I burn it with raw dao?does this really makes so much difference between dao sao and raw dao?


Normaly I use Verbatim but also Platinum cds..I don't know if they are popular out of europe too but platinum are one of the best rated cds here.


so what can I do?


Please help!!!




PS:I also have D2 by HYKAN but the nrg is 800 mb big..how can I burn it and is this a selfboot or not?

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Can anyone tell me what the heck "dummying" a Dreamcast back-up is, how and if it works better over a plain-jane DC back-up and how could I go about doing so myself? Because I've been lead to believe that no matter how well or how slow/fast I burn my DC back-ups, my DC's GD-ROM drive and laser still work and grind really hard to play them, and the games often stall or have longer pauses/load times than what the original copies of the games would have. No skipping or resetting as of yet though, as my DC really is still "fresh and young" and not weathered.


I'm asking this because I d/led a torrent with a whole bunch of DC tools and utilities on everything (boot discs, file format conversions, dummying programs, GD-ROM rippers) yet don't know how to go about using them.

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