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  1. this is impossible.. i burned 2 identical cd, same iso, same burner, same program, same settings: the first works, the second doesn't.. WTF??? i've done that "pot tweak" thing, games seem to load faster
  2. never heard of them.. by the way i've tried with 2 more cd, a TDK and a SONY: the SONY makes a strange noise and after a minute of DC spiral screen goes to the bios menu, the TDK takes just ten seconds to the main menu.. i'm starting to get nervous
  3. ok, i've managed chankast to work: games works perfectly while won't on my dc.. but the old backups still work! don't know what to do! edit: new backups (even if different brands: tdk, verbatim) won't be read as a music cd: they aren't read at all..
  4. my pc sucks, i tried with chankast but even the games working on the dc don't work: they repeatly show the spiral screen, the clock settings and then restart..
  5. well, tell me what to do and i'll try anyway, i used one of those cd cleaners to clean the lense but there were no changes..
  6. I don't think: why would my dc play old backup games immediately but don't play any new backup? It sounds very strange..
  7. yes, i think so... anyway i've also tried to use the utopia boot disk to boot them but it freezes when i swap the disk..
  8. Hi man, I found your guide by searching on google but my dreamcast games still don't work. I followed it step by step, i also tried using discjuggler without success. I've tried using 3 different burners (1 Sony, 1 Samsung, the other one I can't remember) on 2 different Pc, with 5 different cd types (Tdk, Verbatim, Fujifilm...) and 3 different games (SonicAdventure1 .cdi, SonicAdventure2.mds and Shenmue 1.cdi) The only result is my dc getting stacked at the spiral screen and eventually going to the main menu The strange thing is that all my old games (burned 5 years ago) work perfectly, this is nonsense!! i used both the raw dao and the dao sao mode but nothing worked, i really don't know what to do! I've wasted dozen cds... Any ideas? PS: sorry for my horrible english, i'm italian PPS: i've used alcohol v1.95 but now i'm using the latest version without changes..
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