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Final Fight Boss Hack & Vids

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There was this Mexican hacked PCB of Final Fight floating around last year- it let you play as the bosses, each of which had their own desperation move.


this hack is pretty hilarious - it's somewhere between ridiculous and a real blast. the level arrangement is different, and each character has a super in the same way that the main 3 do - and also a weird move which is like Rolento's grenade attack. the supers for the characters are surprisingly good and well implemented. Damnd has a spin attack for instance - similar to Blanka, where he goes across part of the screen like a human cannonball - it's what he does at the end of area one when he comes off the wall, but it's the spin attack that hits the opponents. Poison has a double somersault kick - she doesn't move from the spot, just somersault kicks twice in a row. Andore rushes across the screen, chest out, like he does usually, Holly Wood does that jumping upside down stab he normally does - very effective and fun. and Bred (I think that's him) does a fly kick forward.


you can't pick up weapons in the game at all. and your chosen character moves around quite a bit faster than the opponents - this is like a hyper version of the game - not sure if it's down to the dip switches though, which I've played around with quite a bit - I'll have to investigate.


Its owner has kindly uploaded some videos of it very recently; check out DevilRedeemed's YouTube Channel for more.





Source: ASSEMbler forums.

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