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sigma was awesome man, i've played them all except 2, and when that one comes i will be sinking all my time into it. overall it's a good game, really hard at first till you learn how to play. once you do it becomes easier. you lean how to pull off moves and enemies become less of a pain. at no point did i feel it was cheap, well there were times but once i figured out what you had to do it no longer was cheap. bottom line is you have no excuse if you haven't played it. if you have a ps3 xbox or 360, just do it. and yes it is awesome for the ps3, being able to dual wield two swords makes it that much better.

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Yeah... Since I'm not used to those games where you ara attacked from all sides at once... I got confused a little... but I'm catching the idea to block some attacks and counterattack.... I guess the problem is because I introduce myself in 3D games with Tomb Raider series... so, the character didn't move as crazy as hayabusa (moving towards every direction..). You just moved with up and down arrow.... left and right were used only to turn in your point... lol! ... like resident evil. :lol:


i ALSO tried Rachael' special level. She had some strange movements..... those monsters really annoyed me.. but it's great to destroy them all with her super attack! .. they become into liquid lol! :|








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