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Since when has Silent Hill been about evil little girls?


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True. Also, to my understanding, Team Silent wasn't very keen on giving the Silent Hill movie rights to just anyone, and Christophe Gans really had to prove that he would do justice to Silent Hill should he be given the rights to the movie.

As far as I know Gans just made a few shorts and showed them to Konami brass. All that really proves is that he has a siren sound effect in his collection and knows how to use the noise filter in Avid.


Film production is its own entity. Konami was given a treatment early to sign off on. However to say that they / Yamaoka himself had any real influence is fooling yourselves. They did not see the script that was shot for one, and couldn't have made any changes to it even if they had wanted to. You can't really use that in justification of whether the film was good or not. For PR reasons alone they're not going to come out and say they didn't like it after the rights had been sold.


I hated it and haven't seen it in more than a year so I'm going to go back and watch it now to remember the specific reasons why not. Don't mean to be hating on it so badly... I just don't get how you guys can endorse it so strongly.


Heather was the little girl's good side from 0 and 1. So I still count it.


I hated Laura so I count her.


The Butcher isn't the same creature as Pyramid Head. They don't even look the same. The Red Pyramids were the two you had to face at the same time that had the spears. Other than that it was just the Pyramid Head (who was called that cuz *gasp* he has a pyramid on his head). The Butcher doesn't even have a pyramid on his head just half of it covered up with metal and wields a giant butcher knife niether a giant machete or a spear. Nothing in common. Except that they're are both tall creature murdering badasses.

Yeh but Heather isn't a little girl...


I haven't played SH0 far enough to see this butcher anyway so I don't know how he looks. Was just pretty sure I'd seen the black metal-headed PH in trailers or something before. Maybe it was a trailer for SH5 after all... But btw those guys with the spears and the one with the knife are the same guys.

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Ok, the Butcher is NOT the Pyramid Head.



if you get the bad ending of SHO, it basically clue you in that Travis TURNED into Pyramid Head in the end. Go figure




See how can a canon game have that happen? Somebody needs to get shot... I am so disappointed...


PS. I meant the ones in SH2 are all the same guys... I figured the Butcher wasn't PH.

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But btw those guys with the spears and the one with the knife are the same guys.





They are dressed the exactly the same but carry different weapons. Go figure. Even the one in the picture in the lakeside museum carries the spear.

It's actually a mixture of yes and no.



The first, main Pyramid Head is the manifestation of James' guilt and anger because he killed his wife. The two others are the manifestation of James' guilt and anger because he killed Eddie + because he let Maria die.



So they are different beings in the sense that they were "born" in of completely different situations, but at the same time, they are all manifestation of the same thing.

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Just curious where you got that theory- is it the widely accepted one? Going off my own interpretation, I always thought they were representations of that general aspect of James psyche. The one with the spear was introduced before the



boss battle with Eddie



wasn't it? Isn't it the one which



chases him in the tunnels and kills Maria? Its a bit hazy but his knife was in the room for you to find- he isn't carrying it that time is he?


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Just my own theory based on the fact that you

fight the two Pyramid Heads at the end of the game, after both Maria and Eddie are dead.



Then again, I find quite intriguing the theory that since

Pyramid Head chases Maria and James in the basement and proceeds to kill Maria (he still wields the Great Knife at this point, IIRC), and later James finds Maria alive in the Prison. IIRC, soon after the Pyramid Head has switched to the spear, perhaps signifying that James is closer to confronting his true inner demons (Pyramid Head switching to a less cumbersome weapon).


At the end of the game, James battles the manifestations of him killing Eddie and his Mary, and as soon as James accepts the truth, his purgatory is more or less done, and the two Pyramid Heads impale themselves.



The most difficult thing for me to nail down is why exactly did

the Pyramid Head switch from the Great Knife to the spear...I mean sure, as a player you mot likely take PH's knife, but why the hell did he leave it on the operating table and now chases you around the room carrying a spear?



SH2 is wide open for different interpretations, so I don't think that there is a definite right or wrong way of trying to explain things.

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I don't think there is really any way to attribute different meanings to the spear or the knife- they both have the same masculine, oppressive readings no matter which discipline you choose to interpret them from.


I stand by my thoughts that like each other enemy type in the game, the Pyramid Heads represent a single thing. The different weapons are probably just for the sake of game mechanics... avoiding the need for the player to survive against the same boss with the same moves twice in the game.

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