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Hosted Sites: 1Emulation.Com -> 1Emu.Net Redirection Fixed!

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Sorry that it took so long. It's been a very busy week to say the least.




We have fixed all subdomain redirections from 1emulation.com! That means that if you bookmarked "neosource.1emulation.com", it will automatically redirect to "neosource.1emu.net".


The addresses for all hostees are part of the 1Emulation Network (1emu.net) and now under a new domain name which is sitename.1emu.net! You can still access the sites with sitename.1emulation.com (including all pages) as well.



»» If you're interested in free hosting for an emulator, plugin, or gaming site you're working on, let us know (must register on forums first for link to work).

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