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New NullDC

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I'm hearing of a new nullDC version that's alot better than the one now. How much longer do you think until their next release?

Where did you hear or read this? Please link me to your source. :peopleseybrow:

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Yeah I saw a WIP, I'll get it for you, brb


EDIT: ok, it's about 2 months old.. Source


nullDC Progress Report: New Features, Problems Fixed, Problems Remaining (08/14/07)


As the title says, this thread is made in order to give some sort of nullDC progress report.

The features and fixes listed here exist on the current private (UNRELEASED) version and will most likely be included in the next release.

The problems listed here are not the only ones remaining and are here mostly as a piece of information.


The following list is not complete in any way and will be updated whenever there is something new to report.


New Features:


* Hz Selection Support for PAL Games Added. (nullPVR/Chanka PVR)

* nullPVR does not require Shaders to work anymore. (Be aware that emulation speed will be lower when using nullPVR if a card does not support Vertex Shaders. Some cards will also have serious graphical issues.)

* nullAICA can mute CDDA or all sound output.

* Mouse & Keyboard emulation added.

* Image Reader can patch GD-Rom region at runtime, to allow .gdi images from all regions to boot.

* Image Reader can swap CD/GD-ROMs.

* Image Reader will correctly convert mode1 RAW sectors (no more need for -8 on gdi/raw files).

* Host code can swap CD/GD-ROMs.

* nullDC can now set the DC's region (JAP/EUR/USA), broadcast type (NTSC/PAL/PAL_M/PAL_N) and cable type (VGA/TV(RGB)/TV(VBS)).

* Minor speed optimizations.

* Sorting Implemented. (nullPVR)

* New Maple (Input) plugin with Gamepad support.

* Modifier Volumes Partialy Implemented. (nullPVR)

* Render to Texture Implemented. (nullPVR)

* Clipping Implemented. (nullPVR)


Problems Fixed:


* SPG : Speed issues solved. Affected Games: Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Dino Crisis, Timestalkers, others...

* FPU : Speed issues solved. Affected Games: Dead or Alive 2 (LE), Virtua Fighter 3, Fighting Vipers, others...

* Input problems solved. Affected Games: Toy Racer, Soul Calibur, Virtual On, others...

* Dynarec: Fixed a bug that made characters behave "strange" on Sonic Adventure 2. The fix probably affects other games too.

* Dynarec: Fixed fneg/fabs on double precision mode.

* Fixed lockup on Sonic Shuffle.

* nullAICA : Sound related options were not applied when changed from the GUI. This is fixed.

* Image Reader: CDDA fixes. GDDA audio (music) tracks now work on GDI rips.

* Image Reader: Various GDI rips that failed to boot and returned to BIOS cause of bugs on GD-ROM emulation now boot (IE: Ikaruga, Rez, etc.). Note that this does not make games with Region/Broadcast related protection boot when using BIOS and Flash from a different region.


Problems Remaining:


* Specific Echelon intros make nullDC crash with a "Not Implemented Opcode" message. This is due to missing cache emulation.

* Sound gets garbled on some cases even if the emulator runs fullspeed. (nullAICA)

* Various GFX related problems remain. (nullPVR)


Minor Problems/Not Real Issues:


* Chankast's Video FPS counter is broken on the released BETA. It reports twice the correct FPS (if it says 60fps then the actual speed is 30, it's NOT 60; if it reports 120 then you get 60fps... etc.)

* There is a typo/misinformation regarding VMUs. nullDC actually emulates simple memory cards on the released BETA, not VMUs. Unfortunately some games do not support simple memory cards and they either crash or fail to save. This also happens on a real Dreamcast and is not a fault of the emulator. There is a partial list of games having problems with simple memory cards (including the 4X Memory Card) here.



Also, the nullDC team would like to thank the people who made proper bug reports. These reports helped us fix many problems.

Edited by Robert
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