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An Odd Question


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hmm... well, ive had german beer, and thats pretty good. the only american beer i liked was budweiser, but even that is a german name. :) there is a drink called mead, which comes from ireland. its made from honey, apples, hazzel nuts and yeast. its really good. :D hehe... i make mine myself. takes several months to forement, but i let mine sit for over a year before i dip into it. anyways, there is also a drink from ireland that my cousin told me about. when you drink it, you can, afterwards, drink as much beer, wine, or whatever, as you want without getting drunk. :D also, you receive no hang over, either. i have never had a hang over, though, and i use to drink ALOT. :D

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US has "paler" beers such as rolling rock for a crisp taste.

i think it depends on the hops you use too as stelar artois is 5% just like bud but it sends me loopy after two pints!

in britain we also have a lot of bitters (boddingtons & john smiths) and stouts (guiness & murphys) do they have them in the US?

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