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One of the funnest days on the kaillera server :o


However, it was just only 2 ppl. Solidius and Me (Disoblige)

Here is what resulted in that day:


First: Baseball Stars 2 - I won 13-2 :D


Second: Golf - Solidius won :lol:


Third: Basketball - Dunno, it was mainly a tie I guess.


4th Real bout Fatal Fury 2 - I won most of it mainly with Andy and Mai :)


5th and final one: Neo Bomberman - I won all but the last one. Solidius' son was helping him too :lol:


Server WILL be down till Friday only because no one probably goes on it until the week ends. If you have a problem. Email me or contact me on AIM :)

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I realyy want to come on but today i realised there are not enuf USB ports on my pc.


My mouse is USB nad so is my Modem.


I have to put in some sppear USB slots that i got with my motherbaord i will be there!

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