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Mame 0.118u5 related releases


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SDLMAME for the G4 mac

SDLMAME for Ubuntu


MAME plus! or Mirror

Mame32 Plus! Plus!






History.dat 1.18c Fixed 2











Per MameDEV request; removed the ROMs view customization item, and reworked auditing to not show an icon change state for unavailable sets in all games folder view. This was to bring Mame32 into compliance w/ the section of the Mame terms of usage which states 'Do not provide a means of generating a list of games that specifically identifies those games for which the user does not have image files'. Audit functionality and game search on start is still present to populate the 'Available' folder view.[Mike Haaland]
MAME Plus! 0.118u5

* updated to 0.118u5, temporarily disabled scalers [emuman]

* mamep now uses official MAME development tools mingw-mame-20070810.exe and dx80_mgw.zip, plus gcc-g++-4.2.1-sjlj-2.tar.gz for USE_IMAGE_MENU=1 [emuman]

* updated Korean text & history [exako]

* added version info resource to all exe and dll [but]

* updated Japanese command.dat [but]

* fixed zipped inp playback [but]

* GUI: added context menu for inp playback [but]

* fixed auto volume adjust feature [but]

* fixed ICC build [xvi]

* fixed INP_CAPTION feature [xvi]

* updated Japanese mameinfo (8/29), [xvi]

* updated Japanese list (jplist0118u3_0831.zip) [xvi]

* catlist 0.118u4 [s_bastian]



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I don't use u versions myself, but i've heard that it will compile with the new and old compile tools, but agemame needs the new tools.


Plus, the new tools create a few more bugs that the old tools don't have.


I think they might need to make a u6 release because of the dozens of games that have been mangled or broken.

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One thing to note is that Mame Plus Plus seems to be holding back Zinc so it may not be great to mention it much, from R Belmonts page

Regarding the status of ZiNc


ZiNc is on hiatus and will only be continued if and when the abomination known as MAME PLUS PLUS dies. Posting about updates to it or ZiNc plugin packs for it does not help my motivation. I might post some screenshots from the WIP version as added incentive once in a while though.

Worth bearing in mind perhaps

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what's so bad about mame plus plus? I heard it was really good...

It allows you to use ZiNc's graphics plugins to speed up PSX-based arcade games (you know, hardware-accelerated graphics == faster). Seems that this doesn't sit well with the ZiNc developers, R.Belmont included.

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