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funny true stories

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with all the recent topics of serious topics liek the end of the world and war stuff we need some light stuff around here. so im starting a thread so u can post those funny stories that happened to u that u will always remember. :lol:
one of my all time faves was from college when me and my friends went out, and since i didnt drink, i was the designated driver. well all my friends got totally wasted and since we decided to go out of town. i stopped at every gas station be the bar and our house and made them pay for gas at each stop! i think i made like 320 dollars that night and they were none the wiser except the next day they wondered why they were all broke and why i bought breakfast lol. thats how i paid for my second PS1 lol. oh ps remember kids no drinking till u r 21 and always have a designated driver :lol:

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You sly sod!
I am not sure if i would get in a car with you :lol:

As far as funny stories go...

I once get beat up be lesbians........ Its true.

Me and my freind had been out on the town and proceeded to the taxi rank.
There was a huge cue so we all just stood in line like you do.

Anyways i noticed threw my slightly drunk vision two Females kissing[i would call them women but they were of a "butch" nature.

So i thoght i would say... Lezbos! in a slur and sleazy manner.

I chuckled to my self and turned away with my frined in the taxi rank.

The next thing i know i felt a fist go into the back of my head BLAM!
I turned and two big females were pressing on my postion shouting "lezbos eh? ill give you Fu''ing lezbos.

I was like "WTF".

I was pretty drunk and was not really in the mood for fighting i couldent belive i was been assulted my Two females with eyebrow pircings and "USA marines Hair styles".

They keped swingin and one hit me in the mouth and drew blood.
The another 2 thoght they would have a go [must have been a bad night]
But i decided to wake up a little and odge there efforts.

Then my best m8 Went insane.
He jumped in shouting 2hit my freind" i dont care if your a woman"

And that was that my freind gave them a ataste of there own medcine :D
He punched them all at least once in the head it was amazeing.

The TWO BIG BLOKES [i couldent belive it eithier]
Shouted what do you think your doing hitting woemn [ i slurred there not fuc@@ng Women there men in womans bodys.

These two guys went to hit my freind and swung a punch at him so i jumped in front of there punches and let them hit me in the back of my head wile i held on to my freind.


It stopped as quickly as it started.

I turned round and they had got back in the que "the que watched the hole show"We just went back in the que Looking at the crazy lezbos i couldent help but laff to myself....

We got are taxi first and jumped the cue HAHAH.
Then i stuck my head out of the window put two fingers up to the lezbos and shouted I bet you crap bigger than me!!!!

Anyways that my violent Yet funny story. :lol:

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hmm...funny stories? which to choose. :lol: i have so many i could write a book. i could tell you about the time, back when a friend of mine and myself were in high school, where we were blessed with the opportunity to see a bunch of chicks naked. :D it was during physical education class, or gym for short, and we were caught skipping by our coach. as "punishment", we were sent to a closet located in the girls locker room. the locker room was ofcouse empty because class was in session. there, we were to put together a bunch of netted goals for the field hockey team. as we were going this, time flew by, and soon we started to hear some noise coming from outside the closet. the door to the room was one of those where the top and bottom swing free of each other, ya know? so, this leaves a bit of a crack in between... perfect for looking through. :D ofcourse, we took a peek, and were happy to find that the whole girls gym class was there, getting undressed. :lol: awww... it was a horny high school boy's dream come true. :lol: most of these girls i knew very well. so, seeing them naked was kinda weird, not that im complaining or anything. facing them afterwards though, without them knowing what had happened, was a little strange... but still funny. :lol: eventually, the girls left, and our coach came walking back in. she had forgotten all about us. and if that wasnt enough, can you believe we were able to con our way back into that closet the next day. :D now, i bet you can guess what happened then, huh? :P :lol:

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:lol: Those are pretty funny.

My life is boring, it'll get better once i go deeper in high school and college :lol:

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