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On the one hand, UMD videos have full DVD-res clips and upto 5.1 audio. On the other, they're clunky, have no special features, and currently only play in a PSP (which has no TV-out atm and a screen less than DVD res). See the problem?


Anyway what are people's thoughts on this? Own a bunch of UMD films or think they're a waste of time? I ask because Team M33 is going to release a new version of their CFW in the next days that supports memory stick / ISO loading of these discs- it has never been possible before. I personally don't give a damn but it seems to be a point of heavy contention for a lot of people.


So yeh, what do you all think?

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The newer PSPs are suppose to have video output now so that may be why this is being made although I doubt the companies that abandoned porting their movies to the UMD format will come back because of this but it might be nice for those that are still producing for the PSP (expecially once the new PSP's firmware is cracked). I personally don't own a PSP because the last thing I need is another portable device that does the same thing that my other devices do. I mean how many people really get a PSP for games these days? As far as games go it's the NDS that is kicking the PSP's butt (and don't even get me started on the PS3).

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True but do you think Sony cares about that? After all they invented the ARccOS protection that was found on quite a few of their own DVDs and they thought that would stop people from copying them but even that was cracked.

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