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MohAA Is overflowing with cheating scum suckers

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Well after recently getting back into the game [i was rusty but am god again ;) ]


The cheates are coming threw the woodwork.


The wallhack been the favoured one, and i popped on an offical E A server only to find blatent wall hacks and horribile people who call you NooB because you kill them and there cheat did not work......


I was facing of with this guy, i had a dam sniper rifle and he pressed my postion with grenades so i had to "run away" Anyways i left my own trail of grenades so he would not be on top of me if he knew what was good for him, anyway he sneaked round the back of me beacuse i was waiting, leanig round a corner waiting to snipe his chest out :}


I saw him and hit him with a great shot he backed of round the corner, i knew he was nailed, i knew he did not know when i would fly round the corner with my pistol, anyways he "Jumped from the corner"


Timing his kill to perfection with the stg45...


Another guy came running into a room when i was reloading he started firing on me before he even got in the room an ovbious sign of a wall hack


I hate cheats i really do.


Cant say i h ave not tried them [wall hck only] But i tell ya something now i know how a a wall hack works i can defently spot someone who is using them.



And what have E A done?

Nothing. :(:P;)

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Geezz that sux. I know a lot of people who play MOHAA online. To be honest I seriously don't think EA cares. Quite frankly they are not making any more money hosting the online game for people. So thats probabally why.

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unfortunately, I say the only anti-hack which IS a hack, is the speed hack cause you move so fast and they can't possibly hit you :(


ALthough it IS noticable and ppl can get you banned for it.


Oh well.


Give E A a break, They have to make more games for us ;)


They Can't All Moderate all the servers, So someone has to develop a program for it :P

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There is hope ;}


A third party group [well thats what ya call em]


Have developed a simple tool for servers only it basecly scans all your MohAA files and anything the server has not deemed fit, will be looked upon as a cheat!!!! Hoooorah!!


So it should at least kill of #Ahem# Gay cheating puke sucking Half brained paaaaaricks that are using all the main stream cheats at this moment in time, as soon as a a new cheat is found buy the cheat police [which i am no a m aember of] its added to the server softwares lit.


Its due out really really soon :(:P;);)

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