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The way I see it, read a book before watching it's adaption, 99% of the time, your going to waste money.


Watch a adaption before reading it's book, you'll probably leave satisfied or even happy that you enjoyed it. Then after you read the book, again, feel that it was a waste of money.

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Books and movies are meant to be different experiences, you can't really compare the two properly unless they make a movie based on a book that's 5+ hours in length.


IMO 1408 is a bad adaption of one of King's works (Like most of the adaptions). I just couldn't strive that the book is definately better then the movie. But according to my friends, who haven't read the book, they found 1408 to be enjoyable. Although we all prefer Transformers more due to the sheer f'n win factor of robots fighting each other. Infact, isn't that the reason we wanted to see anyways? To see giant robots fighting each other in the most epic way possible?


That's not what I wanted to see. Like someone said earlier, visually excessive and audacious and I know where he comes from even though I think the filming was still better in terms of scope.

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