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Sonic fans...

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Some sonic fans want sonc flash games,

Some, as in you?


Seriously, unless a lot of people flock to this thread asking for Sonic flash games and posts links to get these games, your "request" is standing on really short legs.


And the arcade is closed for the time being.

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flasg games suck really :(

I'm one of the few people on the Internet that I know that hates Flash movies, games, etc. and all those web sites (like Newgrounds). I just can't enjoy them... they feel cheap or dumb or something automatically.

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Flash games are cheap.


Seriously OP, this is an emulation forum. Do yourself a favour and get the real deal.


But man think about the good flash movies made.Tails Gba,Naruto Parody,Son Of A Peach,ect.

And The good flash games...............uhmmm........nevermind there are only good fash movies

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I mean man you dont have to be so harsh.Its the effort that counts


What do you mean? The effort of making the Flash games?


I just figure if you want to make a game at least grab Multimedia Fusion, or even better, get yourself some real coding skills. With Flash games you always get the feeling that it was dodgily made in Flash.

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