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Mame 0.116u2 related releases


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MAME32 0.116.2c

MAME32XT 0.116u2c

SDLMAME 0.116u2a

Mame Plus! 0.116u2b

SDLMAME 0.116u2a+ for the Mac





Mameinfo.dat v0.116u2






Agemame patch (thanks to Hawq)

Fully-built binary





SDL-wise this includes a fix for toggling full screen in OpenGL mode plus a unified makefile to bring us a little closer to mainline. u2a now compiles without warnings on Linux, Mac OS X (both PPC and Intel), and Win32.
updated CPS3 driver cps3_220607_fsz.zip [Haze]

speed up GUI rom audit routines [regret]



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Damn .116u2 has seen more updates than some full Mame cycles I can remember with all the CPS3 stuff going on, the fast moving nature makes me almost glad the mame plus source downloads aint working right as no sooner would a version be compiled than it'd be out of date at this rate

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Source download work just fine here.


bah, CPS-3 doesn't work without hitches and dropped frames in MAME. Well, at least it runs full speed and without CHDs in ElSemi's emulator.


Parrying is fun but difficult.

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