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Microsoft unveils touch screen computing

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Giant computer blends reality with virtual reality

Microsoft has just announced its Surface Computing technology, a project that has been kept under wraps for five years. Using a giant table-like display, users are able to draw, interact with media, and use another new technology called domino tagging, in which a real-life object on the computer's surface is identified and becomes an on-screen object that can be interacted with. CNET News.com's Ina Fried got a demo of the Surface Computer.


>>Watch the Video here


Just Amazing. First Photosynth and now this.

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Seen it and messed around with it already, its like the idea of a home video-phone; sure its really cool, buts its gonna get real old quick.

Im saying this because the last thing i will wanna do after a long hard day is keep my arm up all day touching a friggin cpu screen.

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i would actually buy that but... it's going to be so much flocking money when it comes out it'll be ridiculous ill wait another 10 years before i get it lol!

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