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if you haven't play one of these, don't poll  

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I feel bad for the guy who has to Name all this Little things.

SHoma Inc -It would go something like this-

*Pokemon namer sitting at his office desk*

*Boss walks in*

Boss: :( We need 100 more Pokemon names Hung! Get to it!

Pkm Namer : ................................ :angry:

Boss: :P Did you hear me!? We're doing 2 new games called "Pokemon Ring" and "Pokemon Bracelet". Then after a couple of months we'll bring out "Pokemon Necklace" ITS GeniuS! :greedy:

Pkm Namer : ................................ :furious:

Boss: :freaknerd: Listen Hung! Snap out of it and make up some names!

Pkm Namer : :ranting2: ....YOU WANT NAMES?! FINE! I'll GIV U NAMES! This is one is Fago! then it evolves into Faggeto! THEN it evolves into FAGgation!

LEts not stop there! This will DUmba! then it evolves into Dumbass idea!!!

And the last legendary Pokemon will be, F*** YOU!!! :fyou: I QUIT!!!

:ranting: ANd if you use a "Money Stone", it evolves into, Without me, you're F***** broke son! I'm out of this crappy job, so i can finally sleep at night!

*Pkm namer storms out*

Boss: .......................Faggation.....hmmmm ....

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your imagination is too much


besides, the name is too long: F*** YOU!!! I QUIT!!!

and even has longer name after it evolve : Without me, you're F***** broke son!

anyway, it's good :(

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I still think the inventors of Digimon were GENIUSES!!!!!! all they did was make any random sound and added "mon" or "omon" to the end. 1emumon, Shomamon, gordomon, moonflock, gamecopomon, robertomon,kdashomon, Rawrthnessomon, dropdeadedomon, sturmon etc. Easiest Job Ever


EDIT: LMFAO Filter is going crazy, all i did was add "mon" to Mooney and it turns into Flock. :(

Edited by GoRDoOnE
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