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NullDC Joypad Tutorial

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Alright guys. This was THE MOST confusing thing I've ever ran into at first...but it took me atleast 5 hours to figure out how to do this :D but here it goes...first an explanation on why this has to be done.


NullDC is the newest emulator out there and it's even better than Chankast! It emulates almost all games flawlessly! There's one downside, it doesn't support joypads!! >.< Well this tutorial here will make that possible for this emulator and ANY emulator that doesn't accept joypads and only limits you to the keyboard as a controller. This is EXACTLY how it's done:


First go to:


Then go find the files called dc_bios.bin and dc_flash.bin *use Google...type in the words dc_bios download and you'll find it I swear to God...*


THEN at the same site..it'll tell you to download a file called Joy2Key...because as stated and explained above, NullDC is NOT programed to use a joypad...so you have to map your joypad into tricking the PC that it's a keyboard...but Joy2Key is ONLY for experienced users....I'd recommend Xpadder for people who doesn't know how to map a joypad to a keyboard...here's links to the following:


Joy2Key *again, for the ppl who knows how to do it*


Xpadder *recommended*


For the people using Joy2Key...your on your own because I could never figure that program out..it confused the hell out of me...


Now for the people using Xpadder, stay tuned because here's something else that'll be VERY useful...


Where ever you extracted Xpadder, extract that in the same folder and tell Xpadder to open that profile. If that download ever expires tell me so I can reupload it for you. Thanks goes out to Nologic from 1emulation.com for this link! I don't want him to think I stole the stuff he uploaded...


Open it up and you'll see that your buttons is already set up...so don't mess with ANYTHING there...just click X.


Then you'll see a screen showing you the name of the current profile and under it will say untitled. Click the one saying untitled and you'll see a prompt. Click SAVE!


Then all you do here is look at the lower right hand side and click 1.

It'll highlight some buttons...just ignore that.


The first thing we'll be setting up is the D-pad or the DC analog stick *choose which ever...*


Here is a pic of what I'm talking about:



*beautiful sketch isn't it? :)*


Alright if anyone has any problems seeing this, give me your e-mail address in PM and I'll send it to you via e-mail...newho back to the tutorial.


As you can see I color coded for easier explanation. Lets start with the D-pad which is in the red circle.


Double click the button that has has WHITE on it. After you do that, you will see a keyboard figure come up. Double click on the key that you wish for it to emulate. I chose the arrow key pointing up. After that exit out of that screen by clicking the X. Then double click the button that has yellow on it. The keyboard figure should come up again. Once again double click on the key you wish for it to emulate. I chose the arrow key pointing right.


As you can see, that's pretty well all there is to it. Just MAKE SURE none of the keys you choose to emulate are the important ones...like ENTER, ESC, F1...for directional pads *D-pad and DC analog which is in the green circle* I chose the arrow keys for D-pad and the numpad keys 8426 for the analog since they also represent arrow keys on the keyboard*. For the buttons A,B,X,Y on the joypad *in the picture...not on your joypad...I'm very sure your joypad is gonna be numbered as in button 1, button 2...so forth* I'd use letter keys. I used these keys in the following order:


A - C

B - F

X - D

Y- R


If you look on your keyboard at those keys, you'll see they make the shape of the buttons similar on a DC controller or on a PSX controller...more importantly it's similar to the shape of the buttons in that picture above which is what you'll be following if you loaded the profile that I suggested you load.


For the trigger buttons *which I pinpointed in the picture above* I used these following keys:


L *meaning left trigger* - Q

R *meaning right trigger* - J


and finally, for the start button in which is displayed in the picture above also. I used the following key for this button:


S *meaning start* - Right Shift


Now after that's all set up, look at the bottom left hand side and click on the Abc button. Your controller on the screen should now look like this:




Now LEAVE THE PROGRAM RUNNING FROM THERE and open up NullDC. I recommend you use a mounting program like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% to mount your games because running it them from a backup CD in the CD drive will cause it to lag unless you have good faith in your CD/DVD drive. In Options however, click GDRom. Tell it which drive letter your running the mounted game from *or choose your CD/DVD drive letter if you choose to run it from CD* and then finally go back to Options and click on Maple, Port A, and then Key Conf for Player 1 *this is EXACTLY why I made this tutorial!!!*


Now set up your controller like you would on any other emulator. Remember those buttons we told to emulate as keys? Well now they will show up here and NullDC WILL work for your Joypad now!


After you set that up, just click System, and then Start.


Enjoy your gameplay!!!!!!!


If your game doesn't work, I'd check the NullDC compatibility list here:


Also a tip: If your tired of that thing getting in your way, just click minimize and it'll go into the right hand side of the screen where most of your tasks are usually put....which is VERY useful because as long as you play NullDC, that thing HAS to be running in the background for it to emulate the joypad as a keyboard.


And since I used www.1emulation.com as a bases for this tutorial and used the programs from their forums, I would like to give out a thank you to them and this tutorial could not have been made possible without them.

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What a wonderful tutorial! This should help a lot of people to get their joypads or arcade sticks working on the first release of nullDC.


Topic Pinned. :D

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Fixed typo in last link. :P

Thanks...now I gotta fix it in the original one lol. Newho here's a very helpful update:


Just found out some keys ya can't use as the start button. They go as follows:






The key with a page on it

Windows key *which is one of those important keys I told ya to stay away from...*





The safest thing to do if it's not a directional pad *like D-pad and Analog* is to use Letter Keys. Like the N key. Otherwise your risking your start button not workin and you'll be stuck at the title screen in most games lol. Wouldn't that suck...


And one more addition....make sure that you READ the README file that comes with NullDC...because it tells you where to place the BIOS files. Make sure you rename dc_bios to dc_boot or IT WILL NOT WORK.

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I'm thinking about making a joypad plugin but am not sure how to interface nulldc due to the lack of documentation on the issue. If anyone has some info on coding a nulldc plugin or if there's some source from an existing plugin such as Maple floating around let me know.

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I used Xpadder so I could use my PS2 Dualshock2 controller. But one major problem i ran into was that it couldn't fully utilize analog with nullDC.


In Jet Grind Radio, when trying to spray Grafitti, when you have to move the analog in those directions, it won't read it right. So it'll only reads as: up,down,left,right and not as X and Y axis.


Basically with the PS2 Dualshock, using it with Jet Grind Radio is no go, since you cannot write graffiti. Not sure about the actual Dreamcast controller though, might have the same problem.


Hopfully nullDC comes out with a controller plug-in that supports X and Y axis. :banghead: Or else you can count Jet Grind Radio out except for looking pretty and playing well on the emulator.

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True. To my knowledge no keyboard joypad program support full analog axes properly, so trying to set anything to analog stick simply registers either no input or just input.

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