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Dark Arcueid


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ok so i found a link with a link to download here but this isnt a normal download well at least its not wat im used to it downloads a file called d_arc.dgc and i dont know wat todo with it does any1 know wat i need to do with this file to get the character working?


the link to where u can download her is





It's saved as a file extension for a japanese archiver made in 2001 by Shin Ichi Tsuruta


DigitalGCodecArchiver is the name of the archiver.

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ffs you are a dweeb aint you ed you really think you know everything about mugen lmao ur such a noob



what is there to know?


You just copy paste code for several different things and make sure things are in the right directories.


Get off your high horse.


You probably didn't even know how to open those kind of file extensions anyway.


You should be grateful for the input.

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yeah i prob dont know how id just type it in google but i said that comment because you just spam the forums with useless information and think ur all that so stfu and like i said get a hobby



And you care why?


You look like you need the hobby, just trolling on me.


I am getting a moderator to close this thread.


No one needs to hear you praise yourself.

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