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  1. any1 know where i can get God Orochi and any other characters that can beat master geese???
  2. ok so i found a link with a link to download here but this isnt a normal download well at least its not wat im used to it downloads a file called d_arc.dgc and i dont know wat todo with it does any1 know wat i need to do with this file to get the character working? the link to where u can download her is http://members.at.infoseek.co.jp/solomon1862/
  3. yea man i looked on that site but they didnt have the characters i wanted does any1 else know where i can get them from
  4. just got the eve screen pack but now i cant move wen i get to the character selection screen can sum1 plz hlp me!!! plus can any1 link me to the characters im looking 4 plz!!!
  5. all day i have been tryin to find downloads 4 EVE screen pack and characters Dark Arcueid and master geese but i keep finding sites in different languages and dont know wat to click on can sum1 plz hook me up with a download 4 these plz im begging
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