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Buyer's Guide: NDS Flashcards


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so if i get R4, i can only play NDS and not GBA? hmm anyway to play both?


Not unless you buy a slot-2 solution as well. There are some very cheap, good ones out there. I'd suggest the EZ Flash 3-in-1.

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so if i get R4, i can only play NDS and not GBA? hmm anyway to play both?

Yes, with slot-1 devices (such as the R4DS), you'll only be able to play DS games. To be able to play slot-2 games you'll need to get a slot-2 device.

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hi everyone, am new here and i wanted to ask something regarding the r4, you see in shops (like amazon ebay etc) it seems to be quite a lot of r4 and all of them seem to be quite different, so is there anyway to tell which its actually the r4 and which isn't? (none of the pages list the r4 team as the seller)


thanks ^^

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Honestly, I wouldn't buy the R4 from Amazon. Looking there, the prices are a bit steep (~45USD is about right). There are two different colors of R4DS (white & black), and two different styles (one with a spring in the MicroSD slot, and one with a slide-in MicroSD slot).

The M3DS Simply is the same thing, but gets the updates a little later (usually within 24 hours).

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i see your point, but unfortunately for me,i can't buy from somewhere else (i don't live in the Us. so it's like my best choice) so both of the r4 are original ones? and fully functional? no difference between the two in software? (sorry for bothering so much but it's kinda scary when you buy something from internet with little knowledge of it)

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The black one is much more common, the software is, more-or-less, the same (there is different software for English, Japanese, and Chinese R4s).

The R4 is one of the best cards out there (the only real cons are that it doesn't support Micro SDHC cards and Wii connectivity for the Pokemon games and you need a slot-2 device for GBA games [like all slot-1s]).


I see your location is in South America, I'm sure that you may be able to find a reputable online store somewhere a little closer & cheaper. :)

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Anyone tried the M3DS Real?


I've ordered one with a GBA expansion card as well- it seems to have the same features as the R4- auto-DLDI patching, Download and Play etc. - but also with a built in Action Replay system, is obviously bundled with a GBA slot-2 device and also supports SDHC memory.

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Hey, I'm new to the site.


It seems that most of you favour the R4, but I was wondering what you guys think of the CycloDS? It seems to have everything that the R4 has and more. Here's what the site says:


"CycloDS Evolution Features



Completely plug & play - no FlashMe, PassMe or PC software required

100% game compatibility, supports clean ROM's - works on any OS

Full NDS download play support, including problem games such as Mario Kart DS

Action Replay compatible cheat code engine, comes bundled with cheat codes for over 300 games!

Uses MicroSD card, both FAT16 and FAT32 supported

Supports the MicroSDHC specification, allowing for high capacity memory cards

Save type is automatically detected, no need for a save type database

Save directly to MicroSD rather than onboard flash

User friendly, easily skinnable interface. Both touch screen and button operation supported

Multi-lingual user interface

"Enhanced Mode" which provides powerful, unique features during game play. Enhanced features are activated through an in-game menu. Enhanced mode features include:

Adjust LCD brightness during game play (NDSLite only)

SlowMotion mode which can be used to slow down game play to make fast paced action sequences easier to master

Return to CycloDS Evolution Menu (aka soft reset)

More features to come!

Excellent homebrew compatibility thanks to the DLDI auto-patcher

2 megabytes of onboard flash memory which contains the CycloDS Evolution OS and will be utilised in the future to add exciting new features. A recovery mode is also included.

Autoboot mode which when activated will directly boot into the last ROM or homebrew application executed

Moonshell included to provide media playing functionality

PassMe function (boot from slot 2)

Supports rumble and memory expansions"


(Here's the link to the site: http://www.cyclopsds.com/cgi-bin/cyclods/e...clodsevolution)


Does anyone have this one, what do they think of it? Was anyone going to get this one and decided against it? If so, why?


And lastly, can someone tell me the difference between the CycloDS Evolution, CycloDS MiniSD, CycloDS MicroSD, and CycloDS Key? It seems to me that the CycloDS Evolution has the function of all of them, or am I mistaken?


Any help would be much appreciated.



OMG there's a Spidey smiley, I must put it! :peopleseybrow:

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well the R4 gets firmware updates, but the only thing I saw that seemed new(not counting of which was to come) was:

SlowMotion mode


other than that, the R4 has everything else, and is also more recommended as CycloDS is more of a 3rd party device than the others.


The R4 works just fine for me, you can make your own cheat database and so forth.

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DragonMinded, LiraNuna, and a few others have said that the R4 has crappy DLDI, but the CycloDS has good DLDI. While this probably doesn't mean much to non-devs, it's just something to think about.

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