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Can you read Japanese?


Can You?  

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I can conversate on a easy basis like, "How are you today, hows the weather, where have you been, I did this and that, I went there, etc. And I do know a handful of vocabs/verbs. I think I got rusty since I took a japanese language course about a year ago. I still remember all the kanjis, hira/kata I learned so far.

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I should be friggin fluent in JAp after all the subs i watch. However i only plan on learning when i visit Japan with my freidns. Saving up for years...

We may speak diff languages but a beatdown in baseball is a universal language baby!!!

*They play baseball in Asia right? Yea! i saw it on FLCL!*

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All I know is


Iku - i'm cumming

kemochi - it feels good

baka - idiot

hiku - hurry

arigato - thank you

konichiwa - hello

shoryuken - dragon punch


Combawa Goodevening

Orino Gachta ( or someting like that) vectory is mine :banghead:

Inmo kanuo Mission complete

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corrections in your romaji


kemochi kimochii - also means feeling, but when used as an exclamation it means you're feeling good


Combawa - Konban wa


Inmo kanuo = ninbu kanjou (correct me on kanjou magnis)


konnichi wa




offcarse = of course :afro:


donig = doing


I have no knowledge of kanji, hira or kata but since I'm very receptive to languages and expresions and stuff and I can understand basic context thanks to anime.


k`dash = retard. I wanted to learn Jap from the second I set fingers on King of Fighters, at that time for the sole reason of understanding what they said. of course, it expanded over time


@Agozer: you "read" hentai manga? :banghead:

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